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  • Launching a Kickstarter fund raiser for a New Orleans Pop-Up Book

    I have always wanted to do a New Orleans pop-up book and have finally launched a Kickstarter to fund...

  • food friday

    Left Brain Flowering

    Hi Blogomaniacs, How are you today? I checked out of the awful hotel without hot water. The shower did...

  • Pad Thai: 3 for 3

    Hi Blogomites, My day was more of the same. Third Pad Thai lunch. The place has consistency. I got...

  • pad thai

    Pad Thai Nirvana

    Hello all you JH Blog Readers, I feel like a tourist taking a photo of my food. I don’t...

  • Song Torn

    Yo Blog Meisters, Wow. Just finished with Dr. Miau and am feeling 100% spent. I am sitting in a...

  • A Great and Embarrassing Encounter

    Hello again, my loyal Blogsters and Blogsterettes, Last time I called the Loyal Liver Hotel  (Royal River) crappy, to...

  • Capsule Time

    Hello my Blogomites, On my way back to the chamber. The 2-hour sessions are much harder to bear. I...

  • The Bangkok Taxi Rules

    Hello my Blogeteers, This is my second attempt at blog post #8. I sent the first #8 a-e, which...

  • Claustrophobia & Loneliness, Art & Music

    Hi, my blogging buddies, wherever you are, I am in Bangkok sitting in my room at my crappy (manners...

  • The Shiner

    Sorry, not my most flattering portrait. This was moments after I woke up. My neurologist was puzzled. She had…